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To promote Nepalese culture and values.
To advocate for human rights, freedom and peace.
To serve fellow human beings.

NASeA Outstanding Social Leaders of 2012

Amid a ceremony at the ANMA-NASeA Convention, the Community Services Committee of NASeA recognized the following eight individuals as Emerging Social Leaders and one Outstanding Social Leader of 2012 for their outstanding contributions to the Nepali Communities/Diaspora in the USA and back home in Nepal.

Dr. Lila Bahadur Karki, the Chairperson of the Community […]

NASeA, the Critical Stakeholder of the Successful Convention?

Dear All,

NASeA and its partner ANMA recently concluded another landmark convention of the people of Nepali origin in Indianapolis last weekend (Aug 31-Sep 02) with several sessions, programs, events and accomplishments and vowed to work together for the better for Nepali Community moving ahead NASeA certainly was a big and critical stakeholder of […]

Are you eligible for EB1 Green Card??

Committee on Legal,Immigration, and Conflict Resolution of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) invites you to join an Immigration Conference Call with the topic EB1 (Alien with Extraordinary Ability)—Who qualifies? And Immigration Protection for the victims of violence (VAWA and Uvisa) with Bandita Sharma-Dahal, Esq.[ LLM]

Attorney at Law Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association


Invitation to register for the 31st ANMA Convention and the 8th Annual ANMA/NASeA Joint Convention 2012!

Call for Application to be Host Organization for 2013 NASeA ANMA Convention_by Jul 06

Dear NASeA Community,

We invite the Nepalese organizations in the cities, states or universities in Southeast America to submit application to be the host of the 9th NASeA ANMA Convention to be held during Labor Day weekend of 2013 during August 30 -September 02, 2013.

NASeA ANMA convention is one of the largest gatherings of […]

Invitation to the 2012 Convention in Indiana

Association of Nepalese in Mid-West America (ANMA) and Nepalese Association in Southern America (NASeA) Cordially invites you to 8th ANMA NASeA Convention 2012 Hosted by Nepalese Association of Indiana (NAI) Being held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA August 31- September 3, 2012 (Labor Day Weekend)


8787 Keystone Crossing […]

Final Candidate List