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Value of walking and running for Health and Fitness – Jan 29th at 11am EST

Public Relations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) would like to invite you all to the January 2012 Monthly Talk Session over the phone (Conference Call) with 15 time Marathon Runner (Currently training for 3 marathons – 42K and One Ultra Marathon – 50K)

Suman Silwal

The theme of this month’s talk session is:

“You too can be a runner,

if you really want to -
Value of walking and running for Health and Fitness”

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2012
Time: 11.00 AM Eastern Time;
10.00 Central Time

Venue: Conference Call
Phone: 218-339-2500

Suman Silwal has ran Tokyo Marathon, Toronto Marathon, New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Publix GA marathon, Marin Corp Marathon at Washington DC and more. He ran two marathons in the United States and abroad. He has established himself as a top notch marathon runner in less than 5 years. He has ran over 5000 miles+ in last 4 and half year which is equivalent to the more than 10 times the length of Nepal. But at this talk session he has a public health message to deliver to us all – if you really want a good health and fitness, none can come close to walking and running. So get up, warm up, find a park, treadmill, trail and begin walking/ running. It is as simple as that.

Mr. Silwal is a true inspiration to many who want to begin gaining health via running and marathon. He has made Nepal and Nepalese proud by holding her flag or wrapping it around him after each run he completes. And he has several medals and awards to show us that he has collected from all these running. Mr. Silwal has held sessions on ‘Significance Walking/ running’ during the NASeA ANMA Convention, written many articles and has been a true worker of NASeA even since it began in 1991 He is currently an Advisor to NASeA. He also runs a running blog

Do not miss out this unique opportunity to learn how you too gain health by running be it 1 mile, 2 miles, 13 miles half marathon or a 26 miles marathon. Mr. Silwal has lots of tips, techniques to share with you.