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Successful Blood Drive in Dallas, TX and Cary, NC

Blood drive was one of the hot cakes during ANA convention in Dallas, TX

This is an update to NASeA family about an outstanding accomplishment achieved by a joint blood drive hosted by six different organizations including NASeA during ANA convention in Dallas, TX on June 30, 2012. Just in three hours, 27 pints of blood were donated. Let us salute these 27 social HEROES, who donated blood during ANA convention in Dallas, TX. This blood drive alone can save up to 81 lives in need. I thank you so much to all Community Services Committee Members for your continued support and solidarity in hosting blood drives in NASeA region and beyond.

Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) set a record in blood drive, where 50 big hearted individuals donated blood. This can save upto 150 people. Big thanks goes to Shailendra Devkota, President, NCNC and his team of dedicated volunteers. List of donors for this event are Balami Uddhav, Basnet Bhimsen, Bhattarai Madhab Raj, Devkota Shailendra, Dhakal Kumud, Dhital Arun D. Dhungel Sunil, Karkee Thakur B, Karki Upama, Khanal Ashok, Luitel Narayan, Luitel Urmila, Ojjha Unnati, Pant Thakur, Paudel Gita, Pradhan Manoj, Sapkota Arun, Shah Bindeshwari, Shah Sanjay, Shakya Kiran.


Lila B. Karki, Executive Member and Chair, Community Services Committee, NASeA