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Talk Session with Dr. Nanda Gurung (Ophthalmologist)

The Public Relations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)
would like to invite you All to the August 26, 2012, Sunday 11 AM Monthly Talk Session over the phone (Free Conference Call) with Dr. Nanda Gurung (Ophthalmologist)

The first Nepalese doctor woman in ophthalmology/optical science

Date: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time: 11 AM Eastern Time
Venue: Conference Call
Phone: 218-339-2500
Pass Code:139004#

Dr. Gurung is working in Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal. Her services are highly commendable. She has her successful story and inspirations for our new generations to learn and expound such services. Please do not miss to participate promptly.


Please do not miss out this important interactive session with Dr. Nanda Gurung. Following this talk, we will take questions.

You can also e-mail your questions prior to the talk session to NASeA Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ram C. Baral, at You can also get in touch with your questions/feedback after the talk with Dr.

Ram C. Baral, Ph.D
Professor of Psychology
Benedict College and Southern Wesleyan University
and Chair Public Relationships Committee
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

1) Senior Chair/Co-Chair: Mr. Raja Ghale (Ex-President of NASeA), GA
2) Senior Chair/Co-Chair: Dr. Dharmendra Dhakal, TN, (Ex-President of NASEA)
3) Co-Chair: Dr. Tilak Shrestha, AL
4) Co-Chair: Mr. Tara Pun
5) Co-Chair: Dr. Shankar Parajuli, SC

6) Dr. Archana Pandey, NC
7) Dr. Bishwa Adhikari, GA/Canada
8 ) Dr. George Thomas, MO
9) Dr. Nita Thapa, SC
10) Dr. Piyush Upadhyay, SC
11) Mrs. Dina Khaniya, SC
12) Dr. Samar Paija Magar, SC
13) Mr. Satish Gupta, SC/NC
14) Mr. Manish Shakya (SCAN President)
15) Dr. Remanta K.C.,
16) Shakti Aryal, MS
17) Mr. Chester Reynolds, TN
18) Mr. Francis Harper, AR
19) Dr. Gail Triff, FL
20) Mr. Madhab Mainali, AL
21) Dr. Archana Kattel, President FNA
22) Dr. Khusi Ram Tiwari, FL
23) Member: Hari Bhandari, GA
24) Cathy Sharma, LA
25) Mr. Dipendra Lamichhane, NC
26) Nabin Pariyar, KY
27) Bishwa Sapkota

Public Relationships Committee
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)