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Medical Mission Trip to Nepal

Alok Shrestha, an enthusiastic young medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Suwanee, GA is raising funds to run and organize a small clinic in Nepal this summer. He is taking lead on this project as a part of an International Medicine Club at his school, which plans on sending a group of medical students to Nepal for two weeks to volunteer and promote public health in a rural community. Despite being raised in Georgia, Alok still has strong ties to Nepal and Nepalese culture. Alok had the opportunity to spend time with his family in Nepal last summer and learn more about his heritage and connect with his roots.

Although a beautiful country rich in culture and tradition, he also discovered and experienced the problems of the developing health care system of Nepal. While there have been considerable progress in the health field in the past 20 years, he noticed that health and health-care facilities were generally poor and lacks availability to adequately meet the growing needs of the population. The truth is majority of people of Nepal live in mass poverty and deprivation, with problems of poor nutrition and sanitation, insufficient housing and the general absence of modern medical care and other social services, especially in rural areas. So please join us in supporting Mr. Alok Shrestha and helping him meet his goal to do this mission to Nepal by donating as much as you can at the website below.

Medical Mission Trip to Nepal

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