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To promote Nepalese culture and values.
To advocate for human rights, freedom and peace.
To serve fellow human beings.

Monthly Talk Session with Jiba Lamichhane on April 8

The Public Relations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) would like to invite you All to the April 8, 2012 Monthly Talk Session over the phone (Free Conference Call) with Jiba Lamichhane, Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN) President

The theme of this month’s talk session is: Emergences and Challenges of Worldwide Non-Resident Nepalese to Obtain Dual Citizenship and Struggles in Various Issues of Livelihood

Date: Sunday, April 8, 2012
Time: 11 AM Eastern Time
Venue: Conference Call
Phone: 218-339-2500
Pass Code:139004#

Please do not miss out this important interactive session with Mr.
Jiba Lamichhane. Following his talk, he will take questions.

You can also e-mail your questions prior to the talk session to NASeA
Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ram Chandra Baral, at You can also get in touch with your
questions/feedback after the talk with Mr. Jiba Lamichhane at

Ram C. Baral, Ph.D
Professor of Psychology
Benedict College and
Southern Wesleyan University
Public Relationships Committee
Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)

Scholarship open for High School Juniors and Seniors

Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA)
in collaboration with Asia Pacific American Council of Georgia (APAC-GA)

invite students of grades 11, 12 or recent high school graduate to apply for NASeA Youth Scholarship which has an award of $500 (five hundred dollars). The applicant need to write an essay titled

“The value of Volunteerism in my Life and Different Ways Students can Volunteer in NASeA”

The word limit for the essay is 500 words and need to be turned in no later than Friday midnight, April 13. In the essay, students need to include different volunteer activities she or he has been involved with either NASeA or other organizations, schools etc. The application is open to the students of grade 11, 12 or recent high school graduate residing in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. The winner of the scholarship is highly expected to attend the function below with parent(s) or guardian, at their own cost, below where it will be awarded with parent(s) or guardian. The scholarship prize will be awarded at the APAC’s 27th Annual Unity Gala & Scholarship Award Banquet, held at Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place. The address is 1775 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, GA 30096
The judges who will decide the best essay are,

i. Prof Bijaya Karki, Louisiana State University, Baron Rouge, Louisiana

ii. Prof Neelam Paudyal, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

iii. Choonamani Khanal, Chairperson, NASeA Publication Committee

Deadline: 11.59 PM Eastern Time, April 13, 2012

NASeA Scholarship Award: $ 500
(plus, the winner will enter Inter-Organization Contest whose award is $1,000)
All essays should be send to NASeA liaison to APAC (and NASeA former president) Raja Ghale in his email at

For questions or further information, please contact;
Raja Ghale
NASeA Liaison to APAC-GA
Phone 404-447-8272

Sanjeeb Sapkota
Nepalese Association in Southeast America

Spartanburg, SC Blood Drive. (March 10, 2012)

Namaste to all of you,
It was so nice to be with all of you yesterday in your town, Simpsonville and Spartanburg, SC. We were overwhelmed to meet and greet many enthusiastic members of the Nepali community from the different towns of SC, Ashville, NC, and beyond. It is our great pleasure to disclose the wonderful accomplishment of our blood drive jointly hosted by SCAN and NASeA on March 10 at Spartanburg, SC. A total of 33 big hearted individuals donated blood. We have by far exceeded the 18 minimum target set by The Blood Connections because of the relentless work by SCAN. The big hearted social HEROES of the Nepali origin were:

Remant K.C., Sarita Panthee, Narendra Baral, Piyush Upadhya, Ranjana Gupta, Shashank Gupta, Bimal Karki, Bishwa Thapa, Manish Shakya, Prayas Timilsina, Madan Adhikari, Satish Chandra Gupta, Bijaya Thapa, Pravin Poudel, Ganesh Basnet, and Narayan Luitel.

The blood drive would not have been so successful without the self-sacrificing volunteers:
Jyotsna Panthee, Jwalant Panyhee, Shristi Gupta, Shashank Gupta, Vedant Jung Thapa, Brandon Jung Thapa, Uden Shakya, Dina Khaniya, Ashreema Luitel, Sajan Shrestha, and Shakti Basnet.
Similarly, our generous sponsors, who contributed soda, water, juice, snacks to keep all hydrated, and cash to pay for a big pile of pizza to keep everybody full stomach and recognize our blood donors, volunteers and sponsors with an appreciation certificates were: Susila Lama, Dr. Dilip Panthee, Ranjana Gupta, Walgreens, Shakti Basnet, Bandana Thapa, Bimal Karki, Arjun Prasad Mainali, Dr. Nar Kaji Gurung, Manish Das, Sajeena Shakya, and Dr. Uma Karki. A detailed balance sheet of the income and expenses will be brought to you in a day or two.
Thank you so much Mr. President, Manoj Shakya and the SCAN team. You have initiated an exemplary SCAN and NASeA partnership. Your partnership to save lives was above any applause and admiration. The potluck gathering in the park followed by holy (Phagu) was unforgettable. The food was splendid. You were not less than the chefs of a five star hotel. We will try to replicate some of your excellent organizational skills in the upcoming community events “blood drives.”
I cannot stop without recognizing the following names: Satish Gupta, Manish Shakya, Shakti Basnet, Piyush Upadhya, Manish Das and the SCAN team. I thank you so much for your hard work for the past two months. I would like to request NASeA executive body to join me in order to express sincere gratitude, appreciation, and a big round of applause, and appreciation for our big hearted blood donors, generous sponsors, true volunteers, and the whole SCAN team for their outstanding accomplishment and a historic partnership with NASeA. We look forward to hosting another blood drive sometime early in 2013 in your home town, SCAN friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Eventually, I thank you Mr. President, Sanjeeb Sapkota, Vice presidents, Ram Dangol and Dhan Timilsina, and The Chair, The Youth and Children Committee and Sub-Coordinator of the Alpharetta, Atlanta Blood Drive Coordinating Committee on March 3, Mrs. Sangeeta Dongol of NASeA for participating in and encouraging us to make the Blood Drive a grand success.
Together we win.

Community Services Committee, NASeA

Lila B. Karki, Ph.D., Chair (AL),

Ghan Shyam Bhatt, Ph.D. Co-chair (TN),


Khusi Ram Tiwari, Ph.D. (MS), Madav Dhakal, (NC), Ajaya Satyal, (FL), Dipak Regmi, (GA),

Ramesh Chandra Khanal, Ph.D. (AR), Satish Chandra Gupta, (SC), Sakina Shrestha, (GA),

Bijaya Kattel, Ph.D., (FL), Tilak B Shrestha, Ph.D., (AL), Hari Sharan Karki, (LA), Bishal Gurung, (GA),

Suman Silwal running the Georgia 26 mile marathon to help NCC

Suman Silwal is arriving in Georgia for the Publix full marathon on 18th of March. He is dedicating this run to help raise awareness to the Nepalese Cultural Center where all the money raised will go towards building this center. More details regarding this marathon can be seen here. Mr. Silwal has been running marathons since the last few years both for fun and healthy lifestyles.

Gross Violation of Human Rights of Nepali Workers in Lebanon?

Please click here to file a petition against this gross violation

Dear Nepali Community,
One of the missions of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) is to advocate for human rights and yet, in front of our own eyes we witness not only a gross violation of human rights but a modern day slavery that our Nepali sisters are suffering in several households in Lebanon, a middle east country, where they have come as migrant worker to earn wage for their families back home.
Here is a tragic incidence of our Nepali sister Lila Acharya who was allegedly killed following abuse and servitudes in Beirut, Lebanon.

NASeA is doing a petition drive from all like-minded organizations and individuals to send a strong message to the following authorities and agencies urging them to take immediate and adequate measures not only to safeguards the rights of migrant workers in Lebanon (and elsewhere in the middle east countries for that matter), to provide a safe, abuse-free work environment but also to bring the abusers, violators/ culprits to justice.

NASeA strongly requests
Government of Lebanon: to bring strong laws, acts and statutes that protect the lives of migrant workers and that penalize household employers who abuse migrant workers. NASeA also urges to conduct a thorough investigation of the above tragic incidence to bring the concerned to justice.
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR): to monitor and track violations of human rights that occur in households that hire migrant workers in Lebanon or other country and hold the country accountable for such act.
Government of Nepal to strongly regulate foreign employment companies in Nepal to adequately safeguard the rights of migrant worker and begin an impactful dialogue with the country where incidences of human rights violations of Nepali workers are occurring.
United Nations: to remind each country that is a signatory of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that it should safeguard the human rights of the people that reside in the country and to urge other countries who not yet signed the declaration to sign.

On behalf of NASeA and all other who are concerned with this tragic incidence and all who wish that each Nepali migrant worker get a safe and abuse-free work environment where their human rights is fully ensured,

Sanjeeb Sapkota
Nepalese Association in Southeast America
Phone 678-557-8389

5K/2K Run or Walk

When : Saturday, March 17, 2012
Time : 10.00 AM
Location: BrookRun Park, 4770 North Peachtree Road,

Dunwoody, GA 30338
“Run for Fun” is the running or walking for 5 Kilometers or 2 Kilometers to raise funds and awareness for Nepalese Cultural Center (NCC) in Atlanta at the beautiful Brook Run Park in Dunwoody. You can walk or run at your own pace.  First three winners will be awarded. But everyone wins health and fun. Plus, you will be proud of yourself for supporting the cause of NCC. Children will run in different category.  Light snacks with beverages will be provided. Veteran Marathoner Sumal Silwal will give tips to all the runner.

Registration will be done at the location. Please arrive early if you need to register at site.

Photos from Nepali School in North Carolina

Photos courtesy of Binod Dhakal, coordinator of nepali school in North Carolina

Donate to Geeta Chhetri Fund

Thank you all for the donations made to Geeta Chhetri’s fund

Dear big hearted friends,

Let me tell you a tragic story. A mother comes to attend the graduation ceremony of her son in the United States from Nepal. She meets her son and on her way home she plans on touring DC and NY in a tourist bus. That bus unfornately crashes, overturns and leaves many dead and many injured. She is among the injured and her injury has left her paralyzed and bed ridden for over 8 months. Her son who was in the bus too, incurs few fractures but avoids major injury. This is a true story of Geeta Chhetri and his son Pratik Chhetri. Here are the links.

A big hearted person, her life long friend Uttara Basnet an her family has given her shelter in High Point, North Carolina following her hospital stay and treatment. “Over these months she has improved a little and still does not have mobility of legs and hands,” says Narayan Khadka, NASeA executive member who also lives in High Point. Our president Sanjeeb Sapkota who also visited her in High says that she is still dependent on others for basic feeding and sanitary chores. The urgent need now is the medical and other costs that need has piled up and Community Services Committee of NASeA would like to raise funds for her cause.

We urge all benevolent persons like you out there in every corner, states to stand with us to provide some financial support, be it even a dollar. Every dollar counts! Your contribution is highly appreciated in this great humanitarian cause of saving Geeta Chhetri’s life. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Community Services Committee, NASeA

Lila B. Karki, Ph.D., Chair (AL),

Ghan Shyam Bhatt, Ph.D. Co-chair (TN),


Khusi Ram Tiwari, Ph.D. (MS), Madav Dhakal, (NC), Ajaya Satyal, (FL), Dipak Regmi, (GA),

Ramesh Chandra Khanal, Ph.D. (AR), Satish Chandra Gupta, (SC), Sakina Shrestha, (GA),

Tilak B Shrestha, Ph.D., (AL), Hari Sharan Karki, (LA), Bishal Gurung, (GA),

Photos from the first day of Nepali School in Atlanta, Jan 22nd.

Value of walking and running for Health and Fitness – Jan 29th at 11am EST

Public Relations Committee of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) would like to invite you all to the January 2012 Monthly Talk Session over the phone (Conference Call) with 15 time Marathon Runner (Currently training for 3 marathons – 42K and One Ultra Marathon – 50K)

Suman Silwal

The theme of this month’s talk session is:

“You too can be a runner,

if you really want to –
Value of walking and running for Health and Fitness”

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2012
Time: 11.00 AM Eastern Time;
10.00 Central Time

Venue: Conference Call
Phone: 218-339-2500

Suman Silwal has ran Tokyo Marathon, Toronto Marathon, New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Publix GA marathon, Marin Corp Marathon at Washington DC and more. He ran two marathons in the United States and abroad. He has established himself as a top notch marathon runner in less than 5 years. He has ran over 5000 miles+ in last 4 and half year which is equivalent to the more than 10 times the length of Nepal. But at this talk session he has a public health message to deliver to us all – if you really want a good health and fitness, none can come close to walking and running. So get up, warm up, find a park, treadmill, trail and begin walking/ running. It is as simple as that.

Mr. Silwal is a true inspiration to many who want to begin gaining health via running and marathon. He has made Nepal and Nepalese proud by holding her flag or wrapping it around him after each run he completes. And he has several medals and awards to show us that he has collected from all these running. Mr. Silwal has held sessions on ‘Significance Walking/ running’ during the NASeA ANMA Convention, written many articles and has been a true worker of NASeA even since it began in 1991 He is currently an Advisor to NASeA. He also runs a running blog

Do not miss out this unique opportunity to learn how you too gain health by running be it 1 mile, 2 miles, 13 miles half marathon or a 26 miles marathon. Mr. Silwal has lots of tips, techniques to share with you.